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Whether you are a UK or an overseas landlord, one of the things you may struggle with is sourcing the most suitable properties to enable you to build the perfect property portfolio. This is an area in which we have years of expertise and experience, which is why we are able to offer you efficient and professional property sourcing services to ensure that you find the perfect properties for your needs with minimal stress and hassle. We cater for both UK and overseas landlords, providing a service that is both efficient and cost effective.

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Find the perfect property

When you are making a major investment such as investing in property it is vital that you make the right choices…especially in London. Our expertise in this field will ensure that you have access to properties that are going to be suited to your needs, preferences and budget whilst also enabling you to relax and leave the leg work to us. Our sourcing services come with a range of valuable benefits that will lead to your ownership of a flourishing London property portfolio.

What our service includes

Our sourcing services provide you with both a range of benefits and direct investment advantages. The services we offer include:

  • Agreeing a property portfolio profile with you
  • Long listing through daily searches
  • Shortlisting and arranging viewings
  • Viewing properties with you/on your behalf
  • Management of the whole purchasing process
  • Post completion services eg management of property re-furbishment/upgrades

Let us manage your new property

Once we’ve helped you to find and purchase your new investment property through our comprehensive property sourcing service, we can also provide you with assistance when it comes to letting the property. We offer both ‘Lettings‘ and ‘Tenancy Management‘ services, which means that you can continue to enjoy a stress-free experience as a landlord. Our fees are extremely fair and competitive and you can look forward to an exemplary level of service.


Two years ago, Ronnie Gleeson and his team sourced, purchased and subsequently rented out a property for me in London. Since the purchase, the property has consistently made good rental income with no void periods, and has also grown well in capital value, from £150K at purchase to in excess of £200K now. We have always found Ronnie to be straightforward, knowledgable and reliable to deal with and are happy to recommend him to any potential investor.
Robyn P


A few years ago, I made contact with Ronnie Gleeson, whom I met via Linkedin, and asked him to help me start to build a property portfolio in London. Since then, and from scratch, Ronnie and his team have helped me build a London property portfolio of 3 properties. All these properties, situated across London, have brought me a regular rental income and all have made material capital gains:

1. Property No 1. Purchased for £228K in 2014. Estimated value in 2017 of c. £375K
2. Property No 2. Purchased for £151K in 2014, refurbished and estimated value in 2017 of c. £290K
3. Property No 3. Purchased for £210K in 2014. Estimated value in 2017 of c. £320K

Ronnie`s knowledge of the London property market and his hands-on and responsive approach, has enabled us to make these 3 excellent investments with confidence, and we would recommend him to any potential investor.

Scott W


I have known Ronnie Gleeson professionally for 12 years. I was very interested in building a property portfolio when we first met at a London property seminar, and I engaged Ronnie to both teach me the ropes, and to help me buy my first few properties. What I quickly learned was that you not only need to know where to buy in London, but you also need to know how to buy. Ronnie`s expertise got me off to a flying start and I always felt as though I was in safe and experienced hands.

My early London property purchase choices, guided by Ronnie, have been extremely profitable for me. I now run a portfolio of 10 London properties and the success of my London property portfolio is largely down to the sound advice I received from Ronnie in the early days, when buying my first 4 properties.
For anyone interested in breaking into the London property market in 2017, I can`t think of a better route into it than via Thames Property Management

Michael R


"Thames Property Management have been an absolute pleasure to deal with, at every level. I could not recommend them highly enough” Michael Taylor (Cyprus)

‘We have been using Thames Property Management now for 2 years as our lettings/management agent in London. At all times we have found them to be extremely efficient, perfectly straightforward and 100% reliable to deal with. This has been a great relief to us after some of our previous experiences with London agents. We would highly recommend Thames Property Management to anyone looking for a first class property agent in London’ - Ben/Caroline Evans (Australia)
“It`s been an absolute pleasure working with you. Thank you so much for your continued support and patience” - Sonya Clarke (Corporate Client)
"The whole sales process was trouble-free for me, handled professionally and promptly at every stage, and with very fair charges at the end" - Maria Lee (Singapore)

"The service & expertise offered by Ronnie and his team was absolutely first class!..." - Scott W (UAE)

"Ronnie and his team have an excellent job in project managing the refurbishment of our apartment in London…from identifying good quality tradesmen, right through to completion of the whole project ready for new tenants to move in" - Dr FF Ng (Hong Kong)

"Every aspect of my tenancy has been stress-free, keeping things simple but professional at all times..." - James Halliday


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